Sean Casten is a scientist fighting for policy based upon facts, not fear. Sean is uniquely qualified to stand up to Trump’s war on science and the environment.

As a clean energy entrepreneur, Sean created jobs while protecting the environment and more than forty environmental leaders have endorsed Sean, including Denis Hayes, one of the founders of Earth Day. Sean’s experience would make him a leading expert in Congress when developing energy policy that encourages clean energy projects.

But clean energy is just where Sean will start fighting Trump’s agenda. Sean will fight Republican efforts to strip millions from their health coverage. Sean will fight Republicans giving tax breaks to corporations at the expense of the middle class. And Sean will fight for a woman’s right to choose and equal pay.

Sean will help bring critical thinking and thoughtful decision making back to Washington, where currently only five Members of Congress identify as scientists.

Sean Casten is used to tackling big challenges – and he’s up to the challenge of defeating Republican Peter Roskam this election. Please joins us in electing a scientist, father, husband, and clean energy leader this March 20th primary.

Sean has undergraduate degrees in molecular biology and biochemistry and master’s degrees in engineering management and biochemical engineering which helped inform his career in science and business.

In 2007, Sean moved to Illinois to co-found Recycled Energy Development LLC, with a mission statement to profitably reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the recovery of otherwise wasted energy.

As a husband and father, Sean knows that nothing terrifies families more than the thought of their health care being jeopardized by the massive cuts supported by Trump and Roskam. Sean will fight to keep the ACA, Medicare and Medicaid safe for future generations and fight any proposals that would result in a single Illinois resident losing healthcare.

Learn more about Sean Casten here.

Sean Casten for Congress February 16, 2018