Sean Casten – My Policy Plans

My Policy Plans

Gun Control

Every year, guns kill more than 30,000 Americans. (To put that grim number in perspective, that’s equivalent to losing every man, woman, and child in St. Charles – every single year.)

Why? Because the gun lobby is holding Congress hostage.

When I’m elected to Congress, I’ll shut my door to the gun lobby and their bloodstained millions. Instead, I’ll stand up for the sane gun laws that the people of the Sixth Congressional District demand.

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For too long, we have written immigration policy at the corners, rarely with a holistic view of our national goals or interests.  Moreover, immigration is too often an afterthought to other initiatives.  International narcotics policy, the ‘war on terror’ and economic policy are set nationally, but also frustrate the effectiveness of local law enforcement, whether it be their community policing programs or their ability to coordinate with their cross-border colleagues.  

We cannot ignore the fact that our historic immigration policy has been used by polemicists to scapegoat foreigners rather than address fundamental challenges in the economy; it is always easier to blame others than it is to honestly confront structural changes in the U.S. economy, but that doesn’t make it right.

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Women’s Rights & Opportunity

We must support and expand upon women’s rights and opportunity – from protecting reproductive rights, fighting for equal pay for equal work, defending women subjected to harassment and abuse, and so much more. Not only do our laws fall short of granting women equality, we have a culture that has perpetuated inequality and injustices against women.

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I am a scientist and a clean energy entrepreneur. Climate change is the challenge of our generation, and it has motivated me to spend nearly 2 decades designing, building and installing over 70 different on-site clean heat and power plants at industrial facilities to reduce CO2 emissions while saving money on energy costs. My experience has shown that you don’t have to choose between protecting the planet and creating jobs.

President Trump and Congressman Roskam, faced with the same evidence, have placed politics above facts. Under their leadership, we have done nothing to address climate risks, and in fact are headed in the wrong direction. President Trump pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement and Congressman Roskam calls climate change “junk science.”

In the immediate term, there are a number of things we can do that should be an absolute policy focus. There are well developed but underutilized energy conversion technologies that are hampered by policies and overlooked business opportunities. I have written and spoken at length about these barriers and can say with confidence that to fix them is simply a matter of political will. It is time for facts to inform policy.

You can read my entire energy & climate policy here >>


We need to make sure we have the best education system in the world so that our kids are ready for the jobs that are coming. I believe government should absolutely fund K-12 education, with maximum investment at the earliest grades. There is a tremendous evidence that supports the positive impact after-school care and subsidized school lunch programs have on student performance and retention—we should continue such programs that make it easier for economically disadvantaged students to come to and stay in school.

Regarding higher education, we need to make sure we have access not only to four year college, but also job training and technical skills. We should look at incentivizing trade schools for students who don’t necessarily want to attend a four-year university. We will always need teachers, electricians, nurses, masons, and carpenters and these can provide solid middle class jobs if we make sure people are trained for them.

You can read my entire education policy here >>


Congressman Roskam voted for a health care bill that would have cut billions from Medicaid, allowed insurance companies to discriminate against those with pre-existing conditions, and caused over 20 million people to lose insurance. This is just another example of Congressman Roskam standing with Donald Trump, and not the people of Illinois.

Obamacare isn’t perfect, but the data is clear: it made meaningful progress in protecting patient’s rights and expanding coverage to more Americans. We need an affordable health care system that works for everyone. It’s clear from data in other countries, that a single payer system produces better health outcomes at a lower per-capita cost to taxpayers. So as a Member of Congress, I will fight to preserve common sense protections to patients, expand coverage for those who can’t afford it, and lower the cost of care as we move to make sure health coverage is truly universal.

You can read my entire healthcare policy plan here >>


During my career I’ve rejected the notion that we have to pick between a better environment or creating jobs. I know we can have both, because that’s what I’ve spent my career doing. And I can tell you that the barriers to doing this are neither technological nor economic – they are policy barriers. What we need to do to grow the economy and create jobs is the exact opposite of what Trump and Congressman Roskam propose.

Infrastructure is one of the best investments we can make, because those jobs can’t be outsourced. And, it gives our businesses and citizens the tools to grow and create even more jobs. We need an infrastructure package that invests both federal dollars and private capital to build critical and necessary bridges, roads, power plants and industrial facilities that will provide decades of future value. These are the things that are going to help the economy, and the middle class.

Futhermore, clean energy is another area where we could be growing jobs, by investing in research and technology so that the next generation of wind turbines, solar panels, fuel cells and more are designed and manufactured right here, by American workers.

LGBTQ Rights

We’ve made extraordinary progress as a society in expanding equality for LGBTQ Americans, but we still have work to do. Too many LGBTQ children face harassment, are exposed to homelessness, and take their own lives. Too many qualified members of our workforce face discrimination because of sexual orientation or gender identity. And too many gaps exist in our civil rights laws, leaving LGBTQ Americans without the full protections that other citizens enjoy.

You can read my entire LGBTQ policy plan here >>