Statement on Roskam Tax Plan

Democrat Sean Casten, a scientist and clean energy entrepreneur running to replace Congressman Peter Roskam in Illinois’ 6th Congressional District released the following statement in response to Roskam’s tax plan that was released today by Republicans:

Make no mistake about it, Congressman Roskam sold out the people of this district, plain and simple. His plan will increase taxes for middle-class families and hit our district especially hard. It will also eliminate incentives for people to make charitable contributions.  All so Peter Roskam can make a charitable contribution to the special interests that fund him, and slash taxes for the rich, the super-rich and big corporations.”

But here’s the bigger problem.  We expect our representatives to represent us.  Peter Roskam either chose not to represent us or simply lacks the leadership to effectively argue for his constituents on Capitol Hill.  In either case, it’s clear that the people of the sixth district suffer every time they put their confidence in Peter Roskam.

I’m a scientist, so I like to look at the facts. Here are the facts on Congressman Roskam’s tax plan. First, it eliminates state and local tax deductions which the middle class rely on. In fact, our district would be the 12th hardest hit in the country by this tax increase out of all 435 districts. Second, it lowers the mortgage interest deduction, hurting homeowners. And finally, it cuts corporate taxes by 43% and eliminates the Alternative Minimum Tax, which is used to make sure the wealthy pay their fair share.”

“This is Congressman Roskam’s tax plan. His committee, he owns it. And when middle-class taxpayers find out their taxes are going up to cut taxes for corporations and the wealthy, they are going to want to find someone else to represent them in 2018.