Trump’s Latest Attack on Climate

On Sunday, the Trump administration chose to disband the government’s Climate-Science Advisory Committee.  Sean Casten, Democratic candidate for Congress in Illinois’ 6th District issued the following statement:

Just like pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement signed by nearly 200 other countries, this is another step backwards by the administration.  The president, and Congressman Roskam—who has staked out the same reckless anti-science position—has completely subsumed what is in the best interest of the public, and the planet.

The Committee was established by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in 2015 to aid the business community and state and local governments in addressing climate change. The panel had been a key component in facilitating communication between the scientific community and organizations responsible for critical functions affected by climate change—including water resource management and setting of emission standards for industry.

Casten, a scientist and clean energy leader, founded and consulted companies that found innovative ways to make clean energy generation economically viable said:

Climate change is real.  It is caused by human beings.  The evidence for that is incontrovertible.  If you question the fundamental observations that  CO2 levels are rising and that those elevated levels bear a clear ‘signature’ of  fossil fuel combustion and are causing rising temperatures  that are precisely consistent with the way that theoretical models of CO2-driven global warming predict, then you don’t get treated as a credible voice.  Sadly, that’s exactly what Donald Trump proved yet again today.  Trump and his climate change denying backers like Congressman Roskam are anti-fact and anti-science by sticking their heads in the sand and taking steps that make America and the world less safe.

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August 22, 2017